Friday, 8 November 2013

Vintage postcards

I find myself in an unfamiliar position. I usually suffer from artists block on a far too regular basis, but recently I've been overwhelmed with ideas for artwork so its just a case of knowing where to begin! So in an attempt to kickstart my creativity I recently purchased a bulk lot of 40 used, vintage postcards from eBay for the bargain price of £6!

I love to use old paperwork in my illustrations for several reasons; the first comes down to my fondness of the aesthetic of aged ephemera, but another is because my mind goes completely blank when staring at a plain sheet of paper! So by incorporating techniques such as collage in my artwork it allows me to free my creativity and not feel so intimidated by the blank canvas in front of me... does that make sense?

Anyway, I digress! The selection of postcards is beautiful and I look forward to creating some new illustrations with them shortly, stay tuned!

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