Thursday, 25 September 2014

'Welcome to the world'

I was asked to do a commission to celebrate the birth of a baby boy during the summer, which was my first 'newborn' papercut. This was something I had considered doing in the future so I was really happy when approached with this brief!

I included all of the important information of the special day as well as incorporating the Isle of Man's flag within the design as a tribute to his birth place. I used a slightly different style to my other cuts, and it was a challenge to fit all of the details into an aesthetically pleasing design but I hope I achieved that successfully!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Strawberry Fields Festival

Towards the end of July I had a message from a friend telling me about a call-out for local artists she had spotted regarding a music festival, held only 20 minutes away from where I live. I enquired and I'm so glad I did!

Strawberry Fields Festival is a relatively young, independent music event which has previously provided performances by the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Labrinth, and Example. As well as showcasing an eclectic mix of well established artists SFF also offers a platform for emerging local talent, displaying a mix of genres from folk to reggae! As well as this, the festival also offers a wide range of non-musical activities including live art by local graffiti artists, a shisha lounge, and Strawberry Fields traders selling a wide range of bohemian clothing, crafts and jewellery - which was right up my street!

The call-out, however, was requesting for local artists to submit some of their work to be displayed in the artists' dressing rooms backstage; again providing an opportunity for local talent, as well as brightening up the dressing rooms! I created 4 papercuts for the event - 2 were exploring techniques I hadn't tried yet, and 2 were of the 'Strawberry Fields Festival' text - and I got some great feedback! In exchange for my artwork submission I was given a couple of weekend passes for the festival so my brother and I camped overnight in the VIP area, and despite the rubbish weather we had a great time! The festival is certainly one to look out for in the future as its reputation continues to soar!

It was a great chance for me to showcase some of my work with a wider circle of creatives including some well established, and very talented people, and I'd like to thank Emma Higgins for the opportunity - the tickets were an added bonus!

Incidentally, I am now selling one of the pieces I submitted! It's the first piece I've sold as an 'open bid' as all of my other work have been commissioned pieces, so I'm excited (and a little nervous) to see how it does! For anyone interested, here is the link, the auction is open over the next 4 days and ends on Sunday (21st) evening.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Happy 50th!

A month or so ago I completed a papercut to celebrate my Aunt's 50th as a gift from her mum and stepdad (my Great Aunt and Uncle), however since it was only her birthday last week I haven't been able to share it until now. Personally, I think it's one of my favourites to date!

The freedom I was given on this brief allowed me to try a couple of ideas and techniques I've wanted to experiment with for a while now, one of which is papercutting insect wings. I hope to do some large-scale papercut studies of butterfly, dragonfly, and bumblebee wings in the near future, and the small butterfly in this cut has further inspired me to do so!

This cut was also my first attempt at a 'floating cut' and I must admit, I'm converted! Using a sheet of acetate to sandwich the papercut against the glass via static creates the impression of a cut suspended in midair within the frame, and it looks great! This is a technique I've applied to a lot of my papercuts since this one.