Friday, 17 May 2013

'An Assortment of Illustrators'

I know, its been a while! I've been meaning to post on here for a while now as I've been conscious that I haven't posted anything since Christmas (*slap on the wrist!*) but I've been furiously working on my two final units of my degree - scary times! Next Friday 24th May is our final EVER university deadline, so once that is done and dusted I'll be uploading all of the work that I've been producing.

But until then, I thought I'd show you all a piece I did as part of a collaborative project within our year. Entitled 'An Assortment of Illustrators', each person from my year has produced an illustration based on collective nouns, mine being 'a string of ponies'.

I decided to produce a papercut; a technique I've recently become fascinated by and have wished to explore myself, so I took this opportunity to give it a go! Initially I used a photographic background but it was felt by a few of my coursemates that the background distracted attention away from the papercut. So I opted for a textured colour instead. I found the method very therapeutic; carefully carving out the design, ensuring you don't cut the wrong bit!

The small group of students responsible for the fund-raising, organisation, design, publication, and promotion of the book have done a truly fantastic job and deserve so much credit for the time, effort, and professionalism poured into the project, to ensure its success! I feel so proud to have been a part of it.

Incidentally, our final year degree show is also serving as our book launch! Following the opening night on Friday 31st May, the show will be open to the public from 1st - 14th June. There'll be some fantastic artwork on display; showcasing work of the final year students on the BA(Hons) Illustration course from the University of Lincoln, and our book 'An Assortment of Illustrators' will be available to purchase! Visit for more details and a sneaky sample of everyone's work.

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