Friday, 14 December 2012

"How to Write a Book in 30 Days"

For our final editorial we were required to design the cover for a supplement featured in a magazine, the aim of which was to encourage readers to become writers, using the methods in the supplement. I photographed a composition of items typically associated with a 'work process' then used Photoshop to add the text and edit the image.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Madness of crowds

After using it whilst re-doing the past couple of editorials, I was feeling a little more confident at using Photoshop so decided to assemble this piece digitally. Using acrylics to paint the poker chips and the bear, and ink to draw the bear itself, I then used PS to finalise the composition of the piece and add some collaged ephemera.

Sun, sea, sand... and sniffles

The article discusses leisure sickness, so I chose to combine the idea of sipping cocktails on holiday, with taking medicine. I love traditional pen and ink work and it is something I've always enjoyed doing, so after fiddling around with the composition I drew the image in black ink then added the colour digitally.

Why small victories matter

I think this is my most successful editorial piece. After a discussion with a couple of my tutors, I decided to go with the theme of 'seeds' for this article on the importance of celebrating small victories, instead of chasing large challenges. I liked the message that even the smallest of seeds has the potential to grow into something enormous, so after many, many variations I decided upon this idea. Using this as an opportunity to explore alternative techniques I chose to do a lino print, which was then scanned digitally on to a collaged background.

How to... decorate

For our first unit, 'Contemporary Illustration', we were assigned the task of creating a series of editorial illustrations, whereby we had to encapsulate the content and tone of a body of text in a single, readable image.

I found this fairly difficult at first so my initial ideas weren't great! But I feel I improved as the weeks went on, so I found some time to go back and revisit my editorials using the knowledge and techniques I'd acquired, to get them up to (what I feel is) a higher standard of work.

This article spoke about the futility of self-decoration; covering up natural beauty with the intention of expressing one's identity. I decided to base my illustration around the quote "Earrings are the light fittings of the head" by digitally layering monoprints, and using a peacock feather as a backdrop.