Monday, 3 December 2012

How to... decorate

For our first unit, 'Contemporary Illustration', we were assigned the task of creating a series of editorial illustrations, whereby we had to encapsulate the content and tone of a body of text in a single, readable image.

I found this fairly difficult at first so my initial ideas weren't great! But I feel I improved as the weeks went on, so I found some time to go back and revisit my editorials using the knowledge and techniques I'd acquired, to get them up to (what I feel is) a higher standard of work.

This article spoke about the futility of self-decoration; covering up natural beauty with the intention of expressing one's identity. I decided to base my illustration around the quote "Earrings are the light fittings of the head" by digitally layering monoprints, and using a peacock feather as a backdrop.

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